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COVID-19: Improving your business through technology while you wait

At time when we are faced with a pandemic that eats into the very heart of our economies, one would wonder how and what to do – there’s no play book, template or school that could have prepared us for this. In fact, we have generally enjoyed from an ecosystem where there’s a free flow of goods and services where the focus has been to keep growing, expanding and scaling your already existing business. No one has planned extensively for this very big “if”, however as a small business, entrepreneur or start up, this may very well be an opportunity to connect with vast technologies that can set you apart when this pandemic is over. Here are a few tips to drive home the very essence of this article.

1. Explore:

At this very unique moment, where only essential businesses are operational and lots of individuals are now asked to stay home to curb the spread of COVID-19, we must redeem the time by making great use of it. Time wasted is same as time not used wisely. In order to use time wisely one must focus on areas that would undoubtedly add value to your business or project once the pandemic is over. At this very point, it is clear that due to social distancing, the digital space is extra ordinarily busy and it is important to creatively, prudently and eclectically filter through the noise to find tools that may very well improve the bottom line of your business, example – increase leads, drive sales, reduces costs and improve efficiency.

2. Test and Retest:

It’s important to explore but it’s much more important to test and retest products that you have found in your exploration time. As a small business owner, you can designate an employee or do it yourself (Recommended) to play around with mobile and web applications that pertain to your business. While others are on vacation, you are constantly reviewing products that are capable of catapulting your business to the next level. To save money, take advantage of free trials as much as you can – do not be overly critical, but at the same time do not be overly patronizing – it’s important to be shrewd and also strike a good balance. Why this stage is so important is that once you adopt a digital product or service, migration can be a headache, so while you can always drop one digital service or solution, you have to bear in mind the demand on resources when you have to switch, migrate or even just discard the solution.

3. Draw up an implementation plan:

Once you’ve identified a few products, tested them and affirmed that they will play a role in improving your bottom line, it is imperative that you draw up an implementation plan. The challenge with the digital world that no one ever really talks about, is that it’s really just overwhelming – It’s like having an unlimited library of books, all proving to be useful solving one problem or the other. So it’s important to draw up an implementation plan with a strategic schedule of when and why you need the products you have selected in points 1 and 2 above. The why is usually very clear, the when on the other hand is requires a lot of thought. It’s important to keep an open mind while determining when you activate a digital product as part of your offering to your clients.

4. Keep your clients in the loop:

The importance of an audience cannot be over emphasized. Just like movies are marketed well before they hit the box office, you need to ensure that you get subtle feedback from your clients as you begin to expand your digital activities. Granted not all technological tools will directly impact your clients, however finding ways to carry your customers along with you on even the smallest plans shows a commitment to your products and/or services and is always appreciated.

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