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Suite 100, 400 Applewood Crescent,
Deloitte Building Vaughan, Ontario.

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1 (877) 469-2889

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Modus Operandi

Build Your Own Team (BYOT)

Our BYOT model allows our customers to directly manage their project. We make resources available at competitive rates at various levels to help you form a white label team that would be responsible for reporting and executing your requirements on a daily basis. Our contracts are month to month. Our business development team will first access your project and give you an estimate of the potential hours involved as well as the resources required for a successful delivery. We believe in giving our clients all the information needed to make informed decisions and sound judgment calls.

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Modus Operandi

Completely Outsourced Project (COP)

Our COP model provides our clients with an easy way of executing projects and realizing their software dreams. In this model, we build a team and provide you with a development plan as well as a dedicated manager to provide updates and streamline feedback during the development cycle. With our COP model, our clients enjoy a peaceful development cycle.

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What Our Clients Say
About Us

Rasaq Ayanlola
Managing Partner, Rohi Law Firm

Deligent, on time and reliable process. We enjoyed working and are still working with Crear. They are highly recommended and we haven’t had to micromanage any of our projects with them.

Dr. Christopher Dainton
Director, Medical Service Trip

Great work on a complex ongoing project. Very good communication throughout.

Kingsley Jesuorobo
Founder, Province Of Poetry

I cannot overemphasize the confidence I have in Crear. I am particularly impressed with the quality of work and delivery on budget every time. Great work!

Founder, Thermaband

Very timely support from Mike and his team! They provided exactly what we needed and more to revamp our website, and continued to support in the handoff back to our team as well. Would highly recommend.

Jamie Orr
CRO, Run The East

Excellent communication, prompt attention to modifications, easy to work with.

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