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Top 10 successful businesses you can start online with upfront little money

Famous Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business.” The digital environment nowadays does not only offer the fastest way of communication but had opened several business opportunities people can start online. Anyone with a computer can start making money when they learn how to put their businesses in the online world; making them easy to manage and letting them earn profits more than they expect. Here are the top 10 successful businesses you can start online.

1. Business Consulting

Business consulting comes in various ways such as social media consulting, SEO consulting, Instagram consulting, financial advisory consulting, and more. Business consulting requires skills in the area which you want to offer your service. For instance, if you want to offer SEO consulting, then you must have the skills to analyze Google Analytics. People with internet businesses ask for the service of a consulting company to help their business grow and achieve their goals. This had been included in the top 10 successful businesses on the Internet because of the high demand for this type of business.

2. Business Coaching

Business coaching is another great successful type of business you can start on the Internet. Your only asset here is your knowledge and experience in dealing with businesses. You can help aspiring business start-ups as well as those businesses that are already established in turning their businesses into success.

3. Flipping Websites and Domains

This type of business is sure to be one of the top 10 successful businesses you can start with little money. If you have only limited time but want to have the maximum return in minimum effort, then this business is just right for you. This type of business is a little similar to the buy and sell type of business for you will have to find websites being sold for a small amount of money and resold it for several thousands of dollars.

4. Trading Used Textbooks

Flipping and trading used textbooks are also one of the easy to earn business on the Internet. This works by buying used books on Amazon and trading them for several dollars more. There is a potentially huge amount of income in this business which you can start for less than $50 per book.

5. Digital Information Products

Selling digital information products like audio, video or ebook is one of the top 10 successful businesses you can find on the Internet today for it offers the quickest way to make money. This can give you a passive income and lets you earn money even when you sleep. You just have to put all your products on your website and lets a customer buy through downloading it.

6. Video Blogs

Video blogs or creating online videos is one of the most encouraging businesses on the Internet today. It lets you enjoy what you do while at the same time helps you earn money by maximizing views. Creating a video with engaging content makes people want to watch. Some of the most common video blogs you can find are how-to videos, product review, talking-head video and much more. Paid sponsorships and ad revenues let you earn more money on your videos.

7. Blogging

If writing is your passion for interest, then blogging is perfect for you. Blogging will not only share your thoughts but also helps you earn through paid ads, sponsorship or even through promoting your products on your blog. You can write blog posts, post photos, links, and videos and more as long as it’s part of your chosen niche.

8. Fulfillment By Amazon Sales

This is one of the trending businesses on the Internet today. As the biggest online retailer globally, Amazon sells several kinds products producing means of income for online sellers. Amazon FBA makes the seller’s job easy for it deals with all the works for the selling of the products; like advertising, picking from the seller’s location, packing of items, shipping, and even with customer issues.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the top 10 successful businesses on the Internet that lets you earn passive income for almost 100%. This is about selling products and earning a commission from companies. With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to buy stock, manage the packing, deal with the customers or even ship the products. Other call this as “referral marketing” because you just have to post a referral link to your website, then once a purchase is made, you will get your commission.

10. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is the best way to earn passive income from the top 10 successful businesses on the Internet today. Dropshipping is a little bit similar to Amazon FBA except that the seller is the one who performs the marketing and advertising of products in order to make sales. The seller has to find a reputable drop shipper which is usually a wholesaler or product manufacturer for shipping the products and let them handle the rest of the job.

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